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Timing is Everything – Getting the Most Out of Supplements

Timing truly is everything when it comes to getting the most out of supplements, whether it is vitamins, essential oils, or herbs.  Because we are not getting the nutrition we need from our foods, many of us want to optimize our health find that we…
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Core Supplements: What Every BODY Needs – Part Two

Last week I discussed the importance of taking a complete, food-sourced vitamin daily because the food we have today is lacking many of the nutrients that our bodies require to function at an optimal level; however, addressing vitamin nutrients is…
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Let’s Talk Poo! Part Two

In my last post I discussed the importance of daily bowel movements and, that if the bowel is working properly, you will have multiple formed, or “Goldilocks” stools a day.  Food in, stool out, remember?  I recommended slowly increasing your fiber…
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