What Does “YL – It’s a Lifestyle” Really Mean? Part 4

I have really not wanted to write this post.  I have so many friends who use Shakeology and I hope they see the honesty and my concern for their long-term health in this post.  My main concern with all products I use and review is for their long-term health effects.  The main problem I have found with Shakeology is that it does not test well bioenergetically.  I have tested Shakeology numerous times on clients and it has never come up as balancing.  It has always, without exception, come up as causing what we call dis-resonance.  A substance that is balancing causes resonance, when concerning the vibrational frequencies in the body.  Dis-resonance will block certain frequencies on a sub-atomic level in the body.  Blocked energetic frequencies, or flow of energy (think atomic structure and electrons) are the starting point for all disease in the body.  The field of quantum physics is exploding and I am so thankful to have the opportunity to use the latest technology at my business, NWA Natural Living.

shakeologyOn the surface, Shakeology looks like a powerhouse of nutrients, superfoods, probiotics, vitamins and minerals that are great for you.  You get all your nutrition in one easy shake which you drink daily.  So, why is it not testing well, energetically?  When substances are unable to be assimilated on a cellular level, they become toxins in the body.  Any substance your body cannot use becomes a toxin and has to be filtered out by the liver or kidneys.  If that doesn’t work, the body has to find a place to store the toxin.  Toxins interfere with the bioentergetic flow in the body between atoms, proteins, and cells.  Because I know that Shakeology does not test well, I started brainstorming why. The first questions to come to mind were, are the ingredients raw and organic?  This is where I think I found the answer.

For an ingredient to be considered raw, it must never reach a temperature above 118 decrees Fahrenheit during processing.  When any whole food ingredient gets above this temperature the enzymes, which are highly heat-sensitive, break down rapidly.  Enzymes are catalysts which speed up chemical reactions.  Enzymes help break down various components of your food very quickly so the nutrients can be absorbed and utilized on a cellular level.  Your food will break down in your body without enzymes, but much, much more slowly.  So if your food will break down anyway, why are enzymes so important?  The longer food sits in your GI tract, the more toxins it produces.  It will start to ferment in your intestines without proper enzymes.  This causes gut inflammation which leads to leaky gut.  Leaky gut allows large molecules to pass through the lining of your gut and into your blood stream where they initiate an immune response.  Many people attribute seasonal allergies to pollen, when it is really the fact that their immune system is already in a heightened, histamine-releasing state from the proteins seeping through their leaky gut; in reality, the pollen was just the “straw that broke the camel’s back,” so to speak.  So, the moral of this paragraph is, heating foods will greatly decrease the nutritional value.  Nowhere on Shakeology’s website does it say what temperature its components were processed.  So I called Shakeology and I’ll get to that conversation in a moment.

My next thought was, is it organic?  I have pulled up each ingredient PDF from Shakeology’s website and I cannot find where it says any ingredient is organic.  Why is organic so important?  Organic foods and supplements are produced without the use of pesticides, chemical fertilizers, genetically modified ingredients (GMOs) or any other synthetic ingredients.  Because the plethora of ingredients in Shakeology are not organic, you cannot be certain that it does not contain chemicals, heavy metals, and contaminants associated with foods grown in mass farming operations.  There was even a Dr. Oz show years ago talking about heavy metals, specifically lead, being found in protein powders and Shakeology wass one of them.  This caused a huge stir and you can Google it and read everything for yourself.  My concern, however, is that Shakeology packs a whole lot of ingredients that are not organic into a shake that is to be drank every day.  The potential for contaminants and sensitizing your body to the ingredients the shake contains is very high because of this.  I called Shakeology and asked about their ingredients and was told they were not organic but they were “globally harvested.”  Okay….doesn’t that just mean that they are harvested all over the world?  This tells me nothing about how the ingredients were actually planted, grown, and harvested.  I asked if the ingredients were processed below 118 degrees, and the representative did not know.  When I asked if they were raw, again, he did not know.  I do know that this company developed out of the Beachbody line of products, which started from the P90X video training series.  You have to decide if you trust that company enough to use their supercharged product every day, even though there are no long-term studies on the combination all of those ingredients in one shake.  I firmly believe that few people need all of those herbs and probiotics daily.  Most herbs are taken for a few weeks or months and then you give your body a break.  Probiotics are taken for short periods of time so you do not get an overgrowth of bacteria.

I do not believe it is Shakeology’s intention to poison or harm anyone and I do believe that they are trying to help others reach and maintain health goals; however, I do think that their shakes are too much for most bodies to handle long-term.  More is not always better and just because you ingest something, your cells are not guaranteed to get the nutrients.  There are way too many components for any product to be one-size-fits-all.  Not everyone needs all of the ingredients Shakeology packs into their shakes every day, either.  Your body is a constantly changing energetic organism that has different needs at different times.  I also don’t trust the quality of the ingredients, personally.  If Shakeology is working for you, great.  If it is not, one of the reasons I gave may be why.  As with every thing out there, use with caution and become an educated consumer; always inform yourself on the ingredients of every product you use in or on yourself and your family.

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