Why Do I Choose Young Living Essential Oils?

Last week I ended my post with, “Why do I, and the naturopath I am training under, only recommend Young Living Essential Oils?”

To begin, when you put any substance on your skin, it gets absorbed into your bloodstream and travels throughout your body.  Combined, our liver and kidneys filter over 75 gallons of blood and fluid each day.  Their biggest job is to filter out wastes and toxins.  If you are putting toxins in and on your body, eventually, your liver and kidneys will start having difficulty doing the jobs that they are supposed to do.  If you are using essential oils, you are most likely trying to be health conscious about what your body comes into contact with.  Ninety-eight percent of the oils on the market are either distilled using solvents, adulterated with filler oils and petrochemicals, or are synthetically created in a lab.  When you use these oils, you are defeating your original purpose, wasting your money, and introducing hazardous chemicals into your body.  All of the negative reactions I have read about on the internet were caused by using perfume or food-grade quality oils bought at a department/grocery store.  You will NOT receive the health benefits I talk about using anything less than pure, therapeutic grade essential oils.  I have researched oil companies for 5 years now and NONE match the quality and standards I have found with Young Living.


No other essential oil company does what Young Living Essential Oils (YLEO) does to insure the highest quality therapeutic-grade essential oil.  I’ve had many people ask me if YLEOs are organic.  Just to clarify, organic is an American term.  Certified organic means nothing in France, Germany, and other parts of the world.  Because Young Living is a global company, they developed a process called SEED-TO-SEAL that far surpasses the USDA Organic standards.  On top of the SEED-TO-SEAL, Young Living owns nine farms across the globe and distill their oils on-site using steam distillation (no solvents) in surgical stainless steel drums.  Over the years, I have vetted many blog posts that go into this in much greater detail.  Some are from Young Living, while others are from people who use their oils and have done lots of research.  In the attempt not to plagiarize, I’m providing links to informative blogs that I have used in the past.

One of my favorites has to be Young Living’s Seed-to-Seal website.  This is an entire website dedicated to explaining the stringent standards Young Living holds to its essential oil production.

I also love this post by a fellow oiler.  She goes into the twelve questions Dr. David Stewart encourages anyone to ask an essential oil company.  I called all of the companies on her list this past week and most would not even answer my questions.  Some answered a few questions then refused or couldn’t answer any more.  I found her charts continue to be accurate almost two years after she originally called these companies.  Young Living is the ONLY company that can answer “YES” to the following questions:

  1. Does their company own any farms on which to raise herbs for oils?  And if they do, are they new farms on land formerly polluted with herbicides, pesticides, and Chemicals that contain residuals from the past or are they farming land that is clean, which has never been cultivated or has been untilled for at least the last 50 years?
  2. Does their company have their own fully equipped testing laboratory to verify an oils composition?
  3. Do they have anyone on staff with a trained nose who can analyze oils by their smell?  (There are less than 200 people in the world with noses sufficiently trained to discern the chemistry of a fragrance.)
  4. If their company purchases oils from outside suppliers, do they visit the distilleries and farms of those suppliers periodically to observe if the herbs are grown organically, i.e. without pesticides, herbicides, or chemical fertilizers?
  5. Do they know if the grower has a testing laboratory on the farm to determine when the crop is at its peak for oil harvesting?
  6. Do they know if the crops were actually harvested at their peak time and, if so, was there an inordinate delay in taking them to the still and into the cookers?
  7. Do they know if their distillery personnel understand the art and science of distilling, exactly how to pack the cookers, how to administer the steam, how to maintain minimum temperatures and pressures throughout the cooker and how to continuously monitor the process throughout distillation to make sure the oil produced contains all of its components in the proper proportions?
  8. If their supplier makes a mistake in the distillation or harvesting processes that results in an inferior grade of oil, does that supplier sell the oil anyway or do they discard it?
  9. Do they know if the cookers in the distilleries of their suppliers have domed lids or cone shaped lids?  Most stills use dome-shaped lids.  Cone topped cookers deliver a better grade of oil than dome tops.
  10. Do they know if their suppliers supplement the distillation process with solvents to extract additional oil from the plant matter?
  11. Do they know if their suppliers bottle their oils directly from the distillery without modifying the composition of the natural oil by adding anything or taking anything away?
  12. Do they know if their company has tested their company’s oils side by side with Young Living oils in the same lab to make a fair comparison?  And if so, where is the data?

No other company can answer yes to all of these questions except Young Living.  No other company opens its doors to its members and takes them to the farms and into the distilleries, or allows them to help with harvesting.  I trust this company and their products and they are the only essential oils I will ever recommend.

*The twelve questions to ask essential oil companies was taken from Healing Oils of the Bible, by Dr. David Stewart, PhD, DNM.

**Our team of oilers, called Anointing Nations, made the resolution this year to commit to educating our team daily.  “YL – It’s a Lifestyle” is a daily post that will be on our private Facebook group.  I was asked to write weekly for this, so every Wednesday, I will focus on the YL Lifestyle and share how I live it daily with my family.  If you are interested in joining my team, please message me or follow this link to my YL website for more information.

***All the statements, comments and photos on this website have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. All medical evaluations and decisions should be made by a licensed professional.



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    I like this Connie. How can I get this oil & how much does it cost?

    1. cultivatingmom (Post author)

      You can go to my website and choose to buy oils retail or become a member by purchasing a starter kit, then you can buy wholesale from Young Living; however, if you were referred to this site by a friend who already uses Young Living essential oils, contact them and they can give you their information to sign up or purchase oils.

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