Let’s Talk Poo! Part Two

In my last post I discussed the importance of daily bowel movements and, that if the bowel is working properly, you will have multiple formed, or “Goldilocks” stools a day.  Food in, stool out, remember?  I recommended slowly increasing your fiber intake with a high quality fiber supplement like Young Living’s ICP.  This is a great way to increase your bowel movements and bulk up your stool; however, for some people, increasing your fiber intake can cause cramps, loose stools, or spastic colon issues.  Why does this happen?

If you eat a typical American diet which is usually high in dairy products and processed carbohydrates, especially those made with white flour, your colon is most likely coated with a mucoid plaque. Pasteurized milk products stimulate the mucous glands in your digestive tract to over-produce mucous.  The processed flour products mix with this mucous, creating a thick, glue-like substance that adheres to the walls of the colon.  Think about it; what do you get when you mix flour and water?  You get a thick paste or glue.  Your body has a difficult time eliminating this “glue” and it will build up on the walls of your colon, eventually forming a thick mucoid plaque.  This mucoid plaque hardens over time; not only does it prevent complete absorption of nutrients from your food, it prevents proper peristalsis (the muscle contractions that move substances through your GI tract).  When peristalsis is disrupted or weakened due to this mucoid plaque, you are prone to chronic constipation.  When constipation occurs, toxins build up in the colon causing a number of problems systemically.  The Royal Medical Society of Great Britian has found over sixty-five different health problems caused by a toxic colon.

Everywhere you look lately, someone is talking about detox.  Detoxing can be a great way to eliminate built-up toxins in your tissues and can be a very healthy experience; however, it is healthy ONLY if your colon is functioning properly.  If you start a detox program and you are only going to the bathroom a few times a week, you will most likely suffer many adverse detox effects like headaches, nausea, diarrhea, stuffy nose, muscle aches, fatigue, etc.  This is why I always recommend starting with a thorough colon cleanse before attempting any other detox.  The best colon cleansing system I have found is Young Living’s Cleansing Trio, which consists of Young Living’s ICP, ComforTone*, and Essentialzyme.  I discussed ICP in last week’s post so let’s talk about ComforTone and Essentialzyme.  After that, I will give you a colon cleansing protocol that I have used with success, based on recommendations from Inner Transformations Using Essential Oils, by Dr. LeAnne Deardeuff, DC and Dr. David Deardeuff, DC.


Young Living’s ComforTone is a strong combination of herbs and essential oils that aid in eliminating residue build-up in the colon, allowing it to function optimally.  It contains herbs and essential oils that have been shown to soothe the intestine lining, along with Psylliyum, Bentonite  Clay, and Diatomaceous Earth, which have been known in natural health circles as powerful toxin eliminators.  The specific combination of ingredients in Young Living’s ComforTone isn’t found anywhere else.

Young Living’s Essentialzyme is a unique combination of digestive enzymes, essential oils, and botanical ingredients aimed at reducing mucus buildup throughout the body, promoting proper digestion, and through the elimination of toxic waste, helping to create an optimal environment for beneficial flora in the gut.  Enzymes are complex molecules that act as catalysts (a substance that increases the rate of a chemical reaction). Thousands of different enzymes are at work in every cell of your body, making various things happen that keep you alive.  We could not live without the constant activity of our enzymes.  Enzymes are very sensitive to high temperatures, so most of the foods we eat, unless they are organic and raw, have lost their natural enzymes.  Unfortunately, factors such as age and/or illness can cause our bodies to unable to produce the amount of enzymes we need.  Signs of digestive enzyme deficiency can range from fatigue, heartburn, gas, constipation, yeast infections, and eczema, just to name a few.  Enzyme supplementation is a must in today’s world to aid digestion and enhance nutrient absorption and assimilation.

Enzymes also do different things in your body depending on when you take them.  If you take an enzyme supplement with a meal, those enzymes will work to digest your food.  If you take an enzyme supplement on an empty stomach, those enzymes will be absorbed into your blood stream and will break down large proteins in the blood or be used by cells as needed.  Some enzymes, like protease, when taken alone can be hard on the stomach.  If you ever take and enzyme on an empty stomach and it causes stomach discomfort, eat a small amount of food.  I have never experienced this with YL’s Essentialzyme on an empty stomach, but I have with other enzyme supplements in the past.

Colon Cleansing Protocol using Young Living’s Cleansing Trio

Every Day – take three Essentialzymes daily, between meals and drink ½ your body weight in ounces of pure water

Day 1 – 1  ComforTone capsule in the morning

Day 2 – 1 ComforTone capsule in the morning, 1 ComforTone capsule in the evening

Day 3 – 2 ComforTone capsule in the morning, 1 ComforTone capsule in the evening

Day 4 – 2 ComforTone capsule in the morning, 2 ComforTone capsule in the evening

  • Continue to increase by one capsule daily, up to a maximum of ten capsules daily
  • Your goal is to achieve 2-3 bowel movements a day; they should be fast and easy to pass and well formed
  • When you reach 2-3 healthy bowel movements per day, stop increasing the Comfortone.
  • Stay on that level until the mucoid plague is passed; some people pass it all at once, whereas I passed mine a little at a time. This can take anywhere from 6 weeks to 18 months depending on your past diet and level of colon health.
  • If you experience diarrhea or constipation, decrease your capsules until your stool firms up or is easy to pass.  Taking a few drops of Young Living’s Peppermint essential oil internally can promote healthy elimination.  Raindrop Technique and/or an adjustment from a chiropractor can help also.

When you are having 2-3 healthy bowel movements a day, start taking ICP.

Day 1 on ICP – take ½ tsp in the morning in juice or water; continue taking ComrforTone and Essentialzyme.

Day 2 on ICP – take ½ tsp in the morning and ½ tsp in the evening with plenty of water

Day 3 on ICP – take 1 tsp in the morning and ½ tsp in the evening with plenty of water

Day 4 on ICP – take 1 tsp in the morning and 1 tsp in the evening with plenty of water

Continue increasing by ½ tsp daily until a maximum of 1 TBS (3 tsp) in the morning and 1 TBS in the evening is reached


Stay on this a minimum of six weeks.  When you have passed the mucoid plaque and your bowels are functioning normally, you are ready for a parasite cleanse.  That is the topic for next week’s post.

Hippocrates (460–380 B.C.E.) Ancient Greek physician, traditionally regarded as the father of medicine. Sculpture isolated on black background

Hippocrates (460–380 B.C.E.) Ancient Greek physician, traditionally regarded as the father of medicine.

*I do not recommend taking ComforTone if you are pregnant or nursing due to the Cascara sagrada bark unless you are under the supervision of a physician.

**Our team of oilers, called Anointing Nations, made the resolution this year to commit to educating our team daily.  “YL – It’s a Lifestyle” is a daily post that will be on our private Facebook group.  I was asked to write weekly for this, so every Wednesday, I will focus on the YL Lifestyle and share how I live it daily with my family.  If you are interested in joining my team, please message me or follow this link to my website for more information.

***All the statements, comments and photos on this website have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. All medical evaluations and decisions should be made by a licensed professional.


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